Your Immune System

How do dormant viruses (called “latent viruses” by scientists), such as the herpes virus cause a major disease, such as genital herpes and what can you do to protect yourself against this virus?

That’s what this blog aims to answer.

To start with, how about a little background in biology, explained in everyday language? To make the information even more accessible, we use the Q&A format.

The questions and answers are based on the highly acclaimed scientific discovery by Dr. Hanan Polansky, first published in his 2003 Purple book entitled: “Microcompetition with Foreign DNA and the Origin of Chronic Disease.”  You can read more about the discovery on the publisher’s website.

To start with, What is a protein?
A protein is a type of molecule found almost everywhere in the body. Proteins participate in virtually every process in our cells.

Where do proteins come from?
Proteins are manufactured by genes, with the assistance of other parts of the cell. Genes are basically assembly lines of proteins, where every gene manufactures a single protein. Like every assembly line, the gene needs raw materials to assemble and technicians to operate the line. The technicians control the gene through its switch board. This board has many buttons, one to start the line, another to stop it, a third to control the rate of production, etc.

Where are the genes located?
The genes are located in the nucleus of every cell.

What is DNA?
DNA, or genetic material, is the name we use to describe the set of all genes in our body. When we try to be more specific we say John Doe’s DNA, which means all the genes in John Doe’s body. This entire set is found in very cell in our body.

What is a genetic mutation?
A genetic mutation is a crack in the assembly line or in the switch board. This crack can stop the production of proteins, produce misassembled or partially assembled proteins, or change the rate of their production. Today we have methods to identify these mutations or cracks in every gene.

Do the major diseases start with a genetic mutation?
Sometimes, but most often diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and others, are not caused by cracked genes. Research shows that in most cancer patients the body manufactures an abnormal level of some proteins, but the genes that manufacture these proteins are not mutated. Theses genes are not cracked, they are in perfect shape. This surprising observation mystifies many scientists.

What is a virus?
A virus is the smallest and most stripped down form of life. It includes only a set of genes, called viral DNA, and a shell to protect these genes. The virus doesn’t have proteins, or cells, only genes and a shell. When, a virus enters a cell, the viral genes plant themselves in the nucleus, where they start to manufacture their proteins.

How does a virus manufacture its proteins?
A virus is a genetic parasite. To manufacture their proteins, the viral genes “steal” the raw materials and technicians from the human genes.

What happens to the human genes when a virus is present?
If the viral genes steal raw material or technicians that are in short supply, the human genes malfunction, which can lead to diseases, like:

and even diseases such as:

  • cancer*
  • heart disease
  • arthritis
  • multiple sclerosis
  • diabetes
  • and some autoimmune diseases

    But we’re discussing herpes right?

    *Did you know that the antiviral drug Ribavirin is effective against cancer? See here. The results of this study support Dr. Polansky’s discovery.

    What is a latent virus?
    A latent virus is a virus that never leaves the body. It co-exists with us for life. Our immune system cannot get rid of it. However, a latent continues to produce some of its proteins, and therefore, in high concentration, distrupts the the production of human proteins in the infected cell, which leads to disease.

    Continue reading our blog to learn more!


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